Discover Your Girl Power

In the crazy world of today, it’s not easy to discover, love, and flourish as your real self. Peer pressure and media perceptions are like a shadow over your real self, bringing unrealistic images and impossible expectations. Too often our role models are models and actors with shallow personalities, tons of makeup, and heavily edited curves. Consequently, it sometimes feels impossible to measure up!

But as a strong girl, you know your life is not about gossip, drama, and distressing over petty things. Looks, style, weight, and other superficial aspects don’t describe who you are. Your talent, perspective, and self-confidence count so much more toward determining your true worth.

A strong girl like you fearlessly stands her ground, believes in herself, and commands her own happiness. The pressure to be perfect, the struggle to be “good enough,” and the stress of getting in with the in-crowd is rarely worth the effort and rarely brings the happiness you might expect. Instead, you can create your own unique path to happiness by exploring your purpose and inspiring others.

Discover YOUR unique girl power with these self-transforming steps:


Love the skin you are in

You might already have unrealistic ideas about beauty in your head – thanks to body images literally created by a person at a computer. Though it’s normal to want to feel and look beautiful, the BEAUTIFUL reality is that beauty doesn’t have a size, a colour, or any other set rules or definitions. You are beautiful as YOU are. To unleash your unique girl power, begin by never comparing your beauty to another’s—love yourself, as you are.  Focus on the things you already like about yourself, and go from there.  Slowly you can begin to learn how to redefine beauty on your own terms.  How boring would the world be if we all looked exactly alike? 


Focus on your strengths

Let’s not dwell too much on that which is only skin-deep.  As a unique human being, you have tons of other strengths and weaknesses that will bring you considerably more happiness in life than the way you look. Start focusing on these bigger strengths and positive aspects, especially those which may be unique to you, and find ways to boost them. Do you like to dance?  Draw?  Are you a great friend, confidant, and secret keeper?  Do you like to make people laugh?  Help people with their homework because your super smart?  Shift your focus from what you think are your weaknesses, to what you think are your strengths, and you’ll begin to realize the amazing power you have.


Girl power builds girl power—so surround yourself with it!

The best way to increase your strength and positivity is to surround yourself with strong, positive people.  Having negative people around you will bring you down and discourage your own mind from thinking optimistically.  You need to find friends who are supportive—who bring you up when you are feeling down, and who celebrate with you when you are feeling happy.  A good supportive friend or two—and these can be girls at school, your sisters, your mom, neighbours on your street—will boost your self-confidence more than almost anything else.


Find a passion

Your passion keeps you focused and motivated. It helps you ignore peer pressure and unrealistic expectations and lets you concentrate your energy on something good for you and the world around you. So girls, start your quest for your real passion. It can come from a natural talent, or it could be something you aren’t great at already, but which you are really excited about learning. Nourishing your passion will set you free from petty stresses in life, and give you the ability to be your own role model. 


Every day is a new day and provides new opportunities. Staying healthy, eating good, and exercising regularly will make you feel good and empowered too—so take care of yourself, take care of those supportive friendships when you find them, and stay focused on what you love to do!