Explore what you are made for

When Aristotle said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”, he wasn’t half wrong. In understanding what makes you tick, you have a better chance of reaching your greatest potential.

You will need a lot of tools on your road to self-discovery: a positive approach, persistence, courage and the most important – a strong belief in yourself.  At this age everyone will want to have a say in who you are but this is something you have to decide for yourself.  

It is your time to claim your stake in this world and it is your turn to shine. So don’t hold yourself back – embrace who you really are and have the courage to move forward whilst keeping your inner strength as your compass through it all.

 Be your best Critic

Don’t be too hard on yourself, but also know it’s always a good time to get real. Take some time to observe your behaviour, interactions with others and even how you treat your own self. Be objective and note the things you are happy with and those you really want to improve. Do not worry about the mistakes – that’s just part of living. It’s what you learn from them which is important.


Diaries, Journals, records…

Trust me on this – keeping a diary really will get you on track. Write it all down – thoughts, emotions, what you did, and so on. Then on a rainy day, look back over it. You will get some real insights this way. Are you a positive person? Too judgmental? Can you stand up for yourself? Collect all that information, process it, and figure out if that’s what you want to be.


Me & Myself

More important than anything else – take time out to meet yourself! Applaud your strengths. Accept your limitations and embrace mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow for the future. Build up your instincts and trust yourself. Drown out the noise of those commercials, social peers, and the haters! Because honestly, you have your whole life ahead of you, and you’re stuck with YOU for the long haul, so it’s better to build a positive relationship with yourself   ;now rather than later.

So, really take your life into your own hands: your hopes, morals, aspirations, values, downfalls. Take it all in, measure it up and make changes where you can. Because the better you know you, the better life plan you can build for yourself.