Top 3 tips for Oily Skin

The feeling of greasy skin through the day can really get you down but with a few simple steps you can help reduce excess oil, allowing you to shine for the right reasons!

Tip 1 – Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse!

Use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid morning and night. Make sure you target your T-Zone area as oil build up is most common here!

Tip 2 – Powder is a girl’s best friend

The best make-up for oily skin is one that is a powder or mineral-based. Try and choose a make-up that is oil-free and ‘non-comedogenic’, this means it won’t clog your pores! Remember it’s important to remove your make-up every night to unclog pores

Tip 3 – Moisturising Myths

Some people believe oily skin doesn’t need moisturising but it’s just not true! Nourish your skin with an oil-free, light moisturiser to help hydrate and protect your skin. We recommend applying a moisturiser after cleansing, starting with your cheeks first and then work outwards.